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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Twitter Applications (Part – 38)

More twitter applications. If you have developed any such twitter mash up, feel free to send me an email about it. I will be happy to include in the list. Please first check whether your application is already included or not.

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297. twitority : Twitority let's you perform authority based twitter searches. Inspired by Loic Le Meur’s post “Twitter: We Need Search By Authority”, Jon Wheatley did it though, in less than 12 hours. Idea is to filter out those tweets which have more authority. Authority is decided based on the number of followers a tweet author has.

298. retweetradar : Best way to know the topic that currently everyone is talking about on twitter is by knowing the retweeted messages.  Reetweet Radar captures retweets, extracts key terms and displays a cloud so you can glean information others think is interesting on Twitter. This site helps you to know the trends so far today on twitter as well as what’s happening right now on the twitter.

299. AskOnTwitter : If you have a question - any question - there's no betterimage place to ask it than on Twitter: with 8 million users, there's got to be at least one Tweeter who knows the answer to your question, don't you think? AskOnTwitter.com is a simple application that collects all tweets with the phrase 'Does Anyone Know' in it and displays them on these pages, for everyone to see - and to answer!. It also provides a search option to see if your question is already asked by someone else or not.

300. Twitmatic : This is really an interesting as well as useful application for twitter. If you are interested in knowing the video that are shared on twitter in real-time, then Twitmatic is for you. Twitmatic grabs the videos shared on twitter and lets you watch a real-time stream of videos.

301. WWWitter : Are you interesting in what people have said about the sites you image visit? wwwitter is a tool that lets you take part in Twitter discussions about any webpage. You can launch wwwitter from any page on the web, and you don't need a twitter account to read what people have been saying. You can install this tool by dragging it to your browser toolbar. Whenever you visit some site and want to know what people have said about it, just click on wwwitter tool and it will show you who have tweeted about this site.

302. Twadio : Twadio is a radio station you can't hear. Through the magic of Twitter, it plants a new song in your brain every few minutes. Just follow the Tweejay and it'll play you the tunes right inside your head. Every song's a hit... but if you can't quite remember how it goes or you want to hear it again - just click the link in the tweet. Using a simple update on Twitter, the Tweejay announces a song every 15 minutes. There's a link back to that song's page on twadio.com, in case the 'listener' wants to be reminded of what it actually sounds like - or if they want to buy the mp3. Otherwise, it's as simple as reading the message in your twitter stream, and humming happily to yourself.

303. Twitter Icon : If you want to put cool follow me button on your website or blog,image then visit TwitterIcon.com. Twitter Icon is a great source of free Twitter Buttons and Icons. Site has a good collection of nice follow me twitter buttons. Site is constantly updated with fresh buttons and icons. To get the button, simply enter your TWITTER ID. Then click "GO" and copy any of the codes available under the icon you want. Paste the code on your blog, webpage or anywhere you like so people can follow you. That's it! Enjoy!

304. Twitbrain : As name suggest, this site is something related to brain. Yes, Twitbrain was designed to train your brain by tweeting the answer to the challenges. It tweets some mathematic puzzle and let you find the answers. For example,

1. 901 *times* 4 +plus+ 94

2. 556 +plus+ (7 *times* 31) +plus+ (7 *times* 89)

This is really a good exercise to brain running ;)

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