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Friday, March 13, 2009

Blogger.com Made Mobile Posting Easy

image Blogging through mobile is not something new. Blogger.com already has several ways to post via a mobile device. However with the last release to Blogger In Draft, its a lot easier to set up mobile posting to your blog via SMS, MMS, and email.

If you already have a blog on Blogger, you can configure mobile posting by going to your Blogger Dashboard on draft.blogger.com.

Enable SMS or MMS for your mobile device by clicking on the gray phone icon next to your blog name.

It'll show you a claim code that you can send to Blogger via SMS or MMS to register your device and link it to your blog.

Once you've registered your device, you're done! Messages you send to BLOGGR (256447) will be posted to your blog. Note: SMS posting on Blogger currently does not work with T-mobile devices.

To enable Email posting to your blog, return to your Blogger dashboard and click on the gray envelope icon. You'll see a dialog that prompts you to define a secret email address.

Emails you send to this email address will be posted to your blog. Include a photo in your post by sending it as an attachment. Blogger will insert the photo between the title and the body of your post.

To edit your Mobile settings, you can click on the phone or envelope icons on your Blogger Dashboard, or go to the Settings > Email & Mobile tab.

If you are away from your computer, but want to create a blog on-the-go you can also create a blog directly from your mobile device. Follow these instructions to create a blog from your phone and claim it later.

Please note that SMS posting is not yet available for T-mobile devices.

Check new features available in Blogger in Draft.

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