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Friday, December 12, 2008

Twitter Applications (Part – 27)

More twitter applications. If you have developed any such twitter mash up, feel free to send me an email about it. I will be happy to include in the list. Please first check whether your application is already included or not.

209. Postwitt : Postwitt is a simple application powered by Twitter  and TinyURL. It provides you a small code snippet which you can paste to your blog or website. This code provide an interface button to twitter. When someone click on the button, it show you a twitter like message window. Provide your twitter username, password,url and tweet(message) and it will publish to your account.

210. FlockUp : Twitter is a real big place. When you first join, it can be a little overwhelming. Who do you follow? How do you find other twitters with similar interests? FlockUp will help you answer these questions. It helps you to find similar twitter users. At FlockUp, you can create a flock as well as add 'flockers' to a flock. This just means adding a twitter user to a 'flock'.

211. follow cost : follow cost measures how much people tweet. It image uses an absolute scale (average number of tweets per day) but also measure tweets in milliscobles, or 1/1000th of Robert Scoble's Twitter output. Just enter twitter user name and it will give you average updates and last 100 updates per day on milliscobles scale.

212. jTwitter : jtwitter is the ultimate phone application for twittering. jtwitter is a Java application that you install on your phone. It allows you to enter twitter updates using your phone without having to send SMS´s. It also allows you to view your timeline, friends timelines, public and featured timelines. jtwitter only refreshes when you request it to. You can leave it on all the time without fear of running up data charges.

213. Tweetmas : It’s time for Christmas 2008. Tweetmas brings an interesting way to express what you want for someone. Tweetmas is a Christmas gift list stream of  consciousness for the Twitter generation. Tell @tweetmas what you want or would recommend to someone for Christmas, and tweetmas will gather and monitor them in real time.

214. Twilert : Twilert is a free Twitter service that lets you receive image regular email alerts containing tweets that contain specific keywords or phrases. It's useful for those that want to track conversation and opinion on a brand, company or product on Twitter but don't have the time to sit in front of a Twitter Search page 24 hours a day.

215. My first Tweet : As name suggests, this is a simple but nice application. It creates a giant database of people's first words on Twitter so that we can all analyze them. Once the dataset is of reasonable size, it will be releasing it to the world to play with. Think of it as an anthropological dig through Twitter.

216. TweetChat : Twitterchat provides you a chat environment for twitter. Enter your twitter name, password and chat room that you would love to enter and see the conversation going on there. Twitter is huge and there are lots of conversion going there. This helps you to take part in the conversation of your interest and follow what others are talking about.

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