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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Twitter Applications (Part – 12)

More twitter applications…

89. twii.it : If you love to share bookmark on twitter, then twii.it is image for you. twii.it is a free service to allow people to bookmark the web pages or blogs. When readers see a (twii.it) botton, they can click the button to send the title and URL to Twitter as bookmarks. twii.it sends post on behalf of you to shorten the time to copy title and link while posting.

90. twitterfeed : twitterfeed, as name suggests, is a service that  helps you to feed your blog to twitter. twitterfeed will check your blog's feed at the specified interval and post any new items to your twitter account.

91. Matt : Matt makes it easy to post to multiple Twitter accounts image without having to log into each one every time. It allows you to post the same message to one or many accounts at the same time. For instance, you may want to Tweet that you're in town for the weekend - but you may not want everyone to know!

92. DivVoted : Divvoted lets you vote for your favourite sites with image Twitter. Great for showing off your latest designs, or checking out other peoples votes for inspiration. It helps you to know what today’s hot sites are. You can also check out todays chart, this weeks chart, or the all time Top 10 sites!

93. Spamlets : Spamlets is a funny way to share spams on twitter. imageAny  funny or strange bit of content from any spam email you receive is particularly known here as a spamlet. You can tweet such spams starting your tweet with #spamlet tag. Site tracks the twitter public tweets and shows up any message on Twitter begin with #spamlet.

94. Feedtweeter : Feedtweeter is a little service that allows you to image link Twitter and Plurk to your other activities. It focuses non getting your Plurks to Twitter and the other way around in a sane way, but it (should) work with any RSS feed. It has recently added support for identi.ca. Post something in Identi.ca, and it will appear in Plurk and/or Twitter too.

95. TweetSnap : TweetSnap allows you to generate image of your latest tweet. Just enter your twitter username and it will displays the image of your latest tweet. It also gives you the code to put it on your blog, website, forum signature, MySpace, whatever!

96. Tweetmarks : Tweetmarks is a bookmarks tool for Twitter. Do image you ever find yourself looking for some link you shared on Twitter? Tweetmarks can keep track of all all links you share, or just those you use a hash tag with (like #apple). If you use del.icio.us for organizing your bookmarks, Tweetmarks can automatically add your links to del.icio.us too!

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