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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Twitter Applications (Part - 3)

After posting first and second part of twitter applications, i got couple of feedback emails for the same. So decided to continue with the this and this post  about few more twitter applications.

First and Second part can be found here.

17. Live Twitting : LiveTwitting is a new and easy way to cover image conference sessions! Now your blog readers can follow your session coverages in real time, and its easy to format and republish. No software to download, just use your favorite means of twitting, web, IM, SMS, twhirl, or twitterific, it all works the same!image

18. WiiZZZ : WiiiZZZ.COM is a fun way to discover what Twitter  users have been listening to and have been sharing on Twitter.com. WiiiZZZ aggregates these tracks and display them randomly allowing you to discover new tracks every day!

19. TwitGraph : TwitGraph pulls a few bits of data from the public image Twitter timeline and displays the results in some nice piecharts. All you have to do is just enter your username in the search bar and hit go. Then TwitGraph will find out number of Tweets by day, top 5 words, and top 5 links that are associated with you. You can also search celebrities, friends, and family to compare.

20. Twibler : Twibler is a new service that automatically post your imagenew eBay listings to your Twitter account. You have to enter your  twitter account and password along with your eBay account name and store (no eBay password required). Then click Activate. This activates your account to automatically post your eBay listings to twitter.

21. iTwtr : iTwtr is a simple web-based Twitter client specifically designed for the iPhone. The main thing that sets itwtr apart from other iPhone Twitter clients is its capacity to download content in the background and save it for future viewing. When you login to your Twitter account, itwtr will start downloading and archiving your Twitter feeds for archival purposes.

22. Who Should I Follow : WhoShouldiFollow was designed to help image find other interesting Twitter users. WhoShouldiFollow looks at who your Twitter friends follow to suggest new people. By adjusting the sliders on the results page, you can give greater preference in the ranking to less popular Twitter users, or those who are near you.

23. Twitxr : Twitxr, pronounced as "twicher", is a services that imageallows  you to stay connected with your family and friends. With twitxr you can share a moment, a picture, a thought, instantly with your mobile phone. Where are and what are you doing your friends now? Twitxr tells you.

24. TopTweet : TopTweet lets you stay up to date on all the best image conversationalists from around the web. TopTweet basically follows the top personalities of the web and displays their tweets. This helps you to keep updated about what's going on in the world.

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