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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Twitter Applications (Part - 2)

This is a second part of twitter applications. First part can be found here.

9. Alphatwitter : By tracking Twitter’s public timeline Alphatwitter imageis  tracking what regular people see fit to share with their friends. The goal is to harness the social nature of Twitter and it’s simplicity. It basically shows you the top links on twitter as well as the people who have shared them.

10. Twitterator : The purpose of this little script imageis to allow a Twitter  user to "follow" a bunch of other Twitter users in one fell swoop—a Twitter friend list generator if you will. Either you can enter a URL of a page where Twitter user names are listed or you can enter the Twitter usernames manually.

11. Intwition : Intwition tracks what people are imagelinking to and talking  about on Twitter. It works by scanning Twitter’s public feed for posts with links, while resolving any shortened urls (such as tinyurl). You can find whose twittering about your website. Also you can check what people are talking about on Twitter.

12. Twitimonials : This is a little twitter application that shows you the latest Twitimonials. Follow twitter/yitu, then send "Twitimonials" about your favorite friends. @yitu @friendname Whatever you want to say about them.

13. SecretTweet : This site provides a service to post your secrets image anonymously to twitter. This is not simply publish & shared your secrets once you submit them. It will go through approval process. Your ip address (for spam protection) and tweet will be collected by them.

14. Twitter Answers : Twitter Answers is a Q&A mashup using Twitter image and Mosio. It enables you to ask any question using Twitter and have it answered by real people like yourself. If you are familiar with how Twitter works, after signing up with Mosio and Twitter both, you simply follow QNA (twitter.com/qna) and when you want to ask a question, you send a direct message to QNA.

15. Twitter Karma : Great little app for mirroring the twitter follow/follower inequalities. It will also be useful for tracking who you're following that's not following you, and vice versa. It's a Flash application that fetches your friends and followers from Twitter when you click the "Whack!" button, then displays them for you, letting you quickly paginate through them. By default, the list contains all your friends and followers and is sorted by last update, showing those who most recently updated first. You can sort the list alphabetically either ascending or descending by Twitter ID. You can filter the list in several ways: only friends or only followers, all friends or all followers, and mutual friends.

16. GroupTweet :  This service allows you to send messages via Twitter that are instantly pushed out privately to only group member. Generally when you published a message on twitter, it will be available to public Twitter timelines or to your followers. In some scenario where you don't want your message to be available to all other, but only specific groups, then GroupTweet is a solution.

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