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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Twitter Applications (Part – 48)

More twitter applications. If you have developed any such twitter mash up, feel free to send me an email about it. I will be happy to include in the list. Please first check whether your application is already included or not.

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377. reTweet.it : The easiest way to get traffic to your site these days is to get  retweeted on twitter. if someone retweet your link it means he like it and his followers on twitter will see it and probably they will like it too. Basically the more RT you get the more traffic your site will receive. reTweet.it is designed to make this process easier. if you retweet other members links you earn credits which you can use to promote your own link.

378. TwttrList : TwttrList is a new twitter application from Squidoo. It’s a tool for making your own Top 10 or "Best Of" list of Tweets. Twttrlist is useful for building signpost reminders of tweets and links that would be lost on Twitter over time, and it further enhances Twitter as a searchable tool with curated insight. Unlike most Twitter tools, this one is a permanent archive or time capsule. It's Google findable and monetized. As it scales, it brings a stream of relevant, focused traffic back to Twitter-and to your Twitter timeline.

379. IsFollow : IsFollow is a Twitter app to help you quickly and easily find outimage who is following who without having to login and scroll through 'following' result pages. Find out if someone is following you, who your friends are following, what celebrities are following other celebrities (ex/ @petewentz follows @Seth_Rogen), if all your business related twitter pages are following each other to maximize cross promotion, if your competition is following you, or if you are following your competition.

380. TwitHive : Multi-channel Web Dashboard for Twitter. It’s a twitter Web Client with customizable multi-channel, multi-account, auto refresh, groups, and more. You can monitor tweets across multiple accounts as well as you can track trends and brands mentions. Integrated Google News and Blog Search. Interact with your Twitter Contacts with one click Re-Tweet replies, built-in URL shortening, follow / unfollow users from multiple accounts with one click.

381. Tweetbucks : Tweetbucks helps you to earn money by shortening urls imageand  post them on twitter. When you shorten a link, it will insert affiliate codes automatically from thousands of merchants. Make money when someone buys a product or sees your ad-frame. If you enable the custom ad-frame, Tweetbucks displays an ad at the top of your destination page and you earn a variable rate (CPC) on every click. You can also customize this ad frame to include your hyperlinked logo.

382. tweet-tunes : TweetTunes takes information about bands and artists from Twitter and processes this information so that it is viewable by you. It has a database of artists. Every once in a while, it will search Twitter for recent tweets about the artist. It then uses this information to create a list of recent tweets and a few statistics about the artist. TweetTunes will automatically filter out any tweets that aren't relevant to the artist or band. TweetTunes also uses Last.fm to get information about the bands and artists that it displays.

383. TwitterContd : TwitterContd is a simple and useful site that allows you to type more than 140 characters and display the entire status on your twitter page. No external links or anything. Also has a feature that allows you to create Shortcuts (for commonly used pharses) so you don’t need to type them again and again and also save time...You can also upload 100mb of audio, video, images and documents.

384. Tweetsourcer : Are your trying to market your company or sourcing on Twitter ? Or just trying to find likeminded people on Twitter? Twitter is a huge database of various people. It’s difficult to find the like minded people by searching there. With Tweetsourcer you can reach the right crowd on Twitter! It’s free service. Just enter the keywords you want to find the right crowd with. Tweetsourcer finds that crowd, and automatically follows those people for you!

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