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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Twitter Applications (Part – 44)

More twitter applications. If you have developed any such twitter mash up, feel free to send me an email about it. I will be happy to include in the list. Please first check whether your application is already included or not.

To get latest twitter news and applications check out this Twitter News Page.

345. Twonate : Twonate makes it easy to donate money to great causes and charities via Twitter. Twonate operates on a "Donate Now, Pay Later" system. This makes it easy for you to make many small donations to various charities and causes without having to enter your payment information every time. Once your donations total $5.00 or more, you can then make a payment via Paypal. Donating is easy.

1. Locate the code associated with the charity or cause you want to donate to.

2. Use the following format when you post a Twitter update to donate:

@twonate g $5.00 ASPCA here is my donation to help this great charity

That's: @twonate(SPACE) g(SPACE) $5.00(Space) charitycode(SPACE) your message.

This will also work: @twonate give $5 ASPCA here is my donation to help this charity

246. Whose Tweet? : Whose Tweet is a fast-paced game for Twitter junkies. You will be shown 20 random Twitter messages, one at a time, and it will be up to you to click on the user that each one belongs to. When it's over, you can compare your performance with your friends.

247. swg.fm : Are you looking for a way to share mp3 on twitter ? swg.fm helps you to  do that. This is a simple mp3 sharing site for twitter. Enter your twitter username, artist and song name and click on send. That’s it. It will generate a unique url for your song which you can tweet from your twitter account. When you go to that url, you can find that mp3 song.

248. BettingTwits : BettingTwits is a new social community for sports bettors who want to discuss sports & betting using twitter. This is not a team fan site, but rather a site for users to leverage each other to help beat the vegas line. To attribute your tweets to BettingTwits.com use the hash "#b" then the sport, with "b" for betting. For the NBA, the hash is "#bnba".

An example tweet could be: #bnba i like the lakers -4 to cover v bucks tonight, la 10 straight road covers.

249. DNtwits : This is a free service that allows users to list the domain names they want to buy or sell by simply tweeting from their Twitter account. To list a domain on DNtwits, all you have to do is make a post about the domain from your Twitter account and include one of the following words in the post:

dntwitsBUY - if you are posting about a domain you want to BUY    or
dntwitsSELL - if you are posting about a domain you want to SELL

For example, you might post: "Domain for sale, smashingfeeds.com, $2500 (dntwitsSELL)" if you wish to sell smashingfeeds.com, or you might post "dntwitsBUY: looking for PR3+ auto-related domain." if you're looking for an auto-related domain.

Once you have made your post on Twitter, the post will appear in our domain lists at DNtwits.com

250. Spreadtweet : If you are a corporate employee then chances are there, your company doesn’t allow you to update your status on twitter. Wouldn't it be awesome if there were a Twitter tool that looked just like Excel? Spreadtweet helps you to update your status even when you are on the job. Spreadtweet is a twitter, disguised as a spreadsheet.

251. Twindexx : For twitter to become what it is, things had to get noisy. Twindexx aims a better way to find useful people to follow, based on endorsements from the crowd and an inherent level of trust. A lot of followers are great, but it's not an ideal indicator of value.Twindexx helps you to find the best and brightest of twitter based on recommendations of others and shared interests. You can find the most relevant people to connect with, and see who they connect with and recommend, and who they connect with and recommend.

252. TwitSeeker : TwitSeeker is basically an alternate search engine for finding twitter.com users - "twits" - and browsing the results all in one combined control panel. It works by using the twitter.com API, and finds twits not by what's posted in their bios but rather based on what they've been tweeting about lately. It uses a custom tag cloud generator written by the author, and was created as an experimental tool to help users quickly build up a twitter community around specific topics.

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