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Saturday, February 07, 2009

Twitter Applications (Part – 33)

More twitter applications. If you have developed any such twitter mash up, feel free to send me an email about it. I will be happy to include in the list. Please first check whether your application is already included or not.

257. TweeTube : TweeTube provides you an easiest way to share  videos on Twitter. You can share your favorite videos quickly with short URLs. It lets you track the visits and comments from the people that follow you on Twitter. You can also see the popular videos shared on twitter.

258. nearby tweets : nearbytweet.com allow people to find tweeps nearby who are tweeting stuff that interests them. What you all have to do is just enter your location. It will show you all the twitter users around your location. You can also specify the radius (in miles) around your location to search users. More over you can search users by keywords.

259. TwitterHawk : TwitterHawk is a free targeted marketing site  TwitterHawk developed using twitter APIs. Let's say you just opened a new coffee store in Queens and wanted to let people know about it. As part of your advertising efforts, you could setup TwitterHawk to search for things like "coffee near:Queens within:8mi" (of course you could simply search world wide if you are global).

TwitterHawk would then periodically (at a frequency determined by you) find twitter posts that mentioned coffee by users that are actually located within 8mi of Queens, and send them one of your pre-defined replies from you such as

'@cracksh0t Have you seen our new Coffee Shop in Queens?' or

'@loxly What is your favourite blend? We've just opened a new store in Manhattan and would love to know what you think'

260. TwitterRouter : TwitterRouter shows all L: Location updates in Twitter within a defined duration. Just put your actual or future location at the end of your tweets. For example: I'm driving home now L:London. And it will show you the routed tweets on Google map.

261. iTweet 2 : iTweet is the best interface for using Twitter on the iPhone or the Web. It has following features:

  • Built-in autorefresh (No more F5 required)
  • Retweet, reply, DM & Favorites are much easy to use
  • Search and hashtags
  • View user bio, location, URL inline with tweets
  • Watch conversations with "in reply to" links
  • bit.ly URL shortener and TwitPic uploader

262. TweetBars : tweetbars is the simplest web service ever. If you are participating in online forums, then you would be interested to display your current status on forums. Tweetbars puts your tweets into email, websites and forum signatures.

263. TwitterGadget : TwitterGadget is a clean, robust, web 2.0 style client for Twitter.com, designed to submit status updates to Twitter via your iGoogle homepage or Gmail Account. TwitterGadget is completely AJAX based, meaning, at the user-specified refresh interval, only the status update content is refreshed in-line, on the gadget page. This means reduced bandwidth utilization between you and Twitter.com, while providing for a more user-friendly experience.

TwitterGadget enables the user to toggle on/off various display elements such as user thumbnails, timestamps, and post sources. Refresh intervals can be set from 3 to 30 minutes, or manual only.

264. Tweetwasters : On an average how much time do you spend on tweetwasters twitter ? Are you wasting your time in tweeting ? Tweetwasters.com will analyze your tweeting frequency and let you know how much time you spend on twitter. Enter you twitter user name and it will show statistic. It will also show your Tweetwasters rank. My statistic till date is:

blogfisher has 467 total tweets and assuming they spent an average of 30 seconds per tweet they've spent 14,010 Seconds or 234 Minutes or 3.89 Hours or 0.16 Days using Twitter!
Only 3.89 hours hours of Twittering? I bet people tell you you're a good listener, don't they?

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