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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Twitter Applications (Part – 29)

More twitter applications. If you have developed any such twitter mash up, feel free to send me an email about it. I will be happy to include in the list. Please first check whether your application is already included or not.

225. twtvite : twtvite is a simple event manager twitter application. Create an event, enter the location, date, time, your 140 chars description, and share it/ manage RSVPs. No password required. And you can share it on facebook or via email too. You can also embed the widget to your blog.

226. Twixenate : Twixenate is a twitter profile image editor. Just enter your twitter user name and it will show you the basic editing options like crop, flip, fix colors etc… You can edit it online and then save it. you can upload it back to your twitter account. This simple to use and fast to access.

227. twtcard : twtcard is a simple application to create greeting cards for twitter. You can send a greeting card or a surprise message or an invitation on Twitter through twtcard. Choose from fifty fun square-heads, enter your 140 chars greeting message, and share it. Consider it as e-cards for twitter.

228. TweetMeet : This is a place to organize meet-ups between Twitter users (Tweeters). It’s very easy to create new meet-up. Choose the year and fill necessary details like date, location, time, details and attendees information. Post further details on the Announcements page. Link to TweetMeet on your next Twitter post. You can attend the tweetmeet by sending a direct message or @ tweet to to the organizer of the TweetMeet. They will add your name to the confirmed attendees at the TweetMeet.

229. Tweet Convo : TweetConvo is a new way to view twitter image conversations. Long gone are the days of going through all of a tweet's @replies to get a grasp of the conversation. All you have to do now is enter a tweet's URL and site will show you the conversation details.

Tip: Twitter search is another way to see the conversation. Add the twitter users names and search it.

230. TwitSaver : Watching other peoples lives has never been more fun. This is a nice twitter screensaver application for  your windows. It lets you see what photos people are uploading on Twitter.

231. 2tweet : 2tweet enables you to tweet multiple photos and videos directly from your email. All you have to do is send an email with photos and/or videos to twitter@2pad.com. The first 113 chars of your email’s subject will become the text of your tweet. 2pad will append a link to display your photos/videos (attach as many as you want). The full body text of your email will be displayed in
2pad's viewer, so no more 140 chars limit!

232. Twit or Fit ? : This is a sun application to rate someone on twitter. You can think it as a famous men or women rating site Hot Or Not for twitter. Site randomly displays images of twitter users. You can rate the user on the scale from1  to 10. It also shows you overall Top 10 users that twits or fits.

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Whatley said...

Have you guys seen dabr? It's a mobile web service for Twitter.

Would love to know what you make of it...


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