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Saturday, December 06, 2008

Twitter Applications (Part – 26)

More twitter applications. If you have developed any such twitter mash up, feel free to send me an email about it. I will be happy to include in the list. Please first check whether your application is already included or not.

201. BigTweet : BigTweet is a great service allows you to post to twitter from any web page using it’s bookmarklet. You don’t need to register in order to use this service. It also provides you an option to tweet upto 280 characters. More over it supports a whole range of special characters that can be included to help express what you'd really like to say. It also shortens your long url.

202. Twitter Answers! : TweetAnswers.com was created to help people find quick answers to their questions. This is really simple to use. Check this tutorial to know how to ask a question as well as how to answer questions.

203. twitbacks : Who don’t love nice twitter background ? TwitBacks helps you to brand yourself on Twitter by creating your very own Twitter background. Simply add your photo, logo and contact information. Then choose a theme and TwitBacks will automatically create a Twitter profile background. And more over it’s free. It takes less than 2 minutes to create background for your twitter profile.

204. BrightKit : BrightKit is the ultimate Twitter toolbox. With BrightKit, you can manage multiple Twitter profiles, pre-schedule tweets, and measure your success. BrightKit lets you manage your entire Twitter experience from one easy-to-use interface.

205. Tweetbots : As name suggests, Tweetbots provides you bots to control and automate Twitter to your heart's content. Just choose the type of bot you want to use, setup the bot's actions, and that's it. Tweetbots is currently invitation-only. You can create bots to stalk, track, auto-follow, re-tweet, feed-tweet and more…

206. Cursebird : Cursebird is a realtime feed of people swearing on twitter. Service is built by Richard Henry. You can consider it as a parser/filter that filters tweets containing cursewords that people are posting to twitter and displays them in real-time.

207. Twuffer : Twuffer allows the Twitter user to compose a list of future tweets, and schedule their release. It is designed for those who has a need to schedule pre-written, post-dated tweets. You can use it to tweet hourly/daily/monthly announcements, for appointment/milestone reminders or to notify subscribers about upcoming podcast or video episodes and more.

208. twalala : twalala is a client for Twitter that allows you to control what you see, and more importantly, what you don't see in your twitterstream. Using twalala, you can filter tweets out of your stream by keywords and phrases or mute individuals who get a bit too chatty.

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