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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Twitter Applications (Part – 25)

More twitter applications. If you have developed any such twitter mash up, feel free to send me an email about it. I will be happy to include in the list. Please first check here whether your application is already included or not.

193. Splitweet : Splitweet allows the Twitter users to compose a list image of accounts and distribute their tweets, choosing their release in one or more of their accounts. You can also follow your following tweets from all of your managed accounts in Splitweet. You can also monitorize your brand.

194. MyTweet16 : MyTweet16, as name suggests, is a simple application that lets you view any users first 16 tweets.  Also has a list of the top 16 searched for users.

195. Mr. Tweet : Mr. Tweet is really an interesting as well as useful application. It looks through your extended network to help you build  effective relationships on Twitter. If you are looking for answers for these two questions then follow Mr. Tweet.

1. Which are my followers I should be following in return?

2. Who are the influential people I should be following?

196. Plodt : Plodt gives you a chance to categorize your Tweets so that you can get value out of what you've created and experience the satisfaction of following the trail of Plodts that you and others make. You can also see a live stream of what others are Plodting.

197. Twitter Charts : Twitter charts show twitter statistics of any user.  It uses Yahoo Pipes and the Google Chart API. Just enter twitter user name and it shows you the scatter plot of Tweets by Time of Day and Day of Week.

198. Twollow : Twollow is an auto follow twitter mash up. Once you log-in, add the keyword of your interest. Twollow will monitor your keywords and let you choose witch people you want to follow. By clicking on a keyword you'll access the last tweets that contains the keyword and will be able to follow people you want.

199. Tweeple Twak : Tweeple Twak is a Tampa, FL based company that is further connecting the Twitter Dots, between you and your Tweeple. It helps you to keep an eye on Twitter followers and monitor trends in friend gains and declines across the twitterverse.

200. tweetworks : Tweetworks is designed to make micro-blogging more useful for people and businesses. Tweetworks is based on the simple premise that people like to talk about stuff with other people. And it is the stuff (ideas, questions, politics, sports, arts and so on) that brings people together and around which they form community. With groups and discussions, TweetWorks helps you get the most out of Twitter.

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Brian said...

Wow Kevin, that's a ton of application. Thanks for sharing the motherload. I now know where to find all my twitter needs.