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Saturday, May 10, 2008

New Email Service 'Zenbe'. Not Just an Email, More Than That.

image Zenbe is a new free email service aiming to bring the world's best email experience to it's users. Zenbe is a startup based in downtown New York City.


  • Zenbe seamlessly integrates all of your online communication. You don't have to open one window for your mail, another one for your calendar, one for your tasks, etc. Zenbe includes a calendar, daily agenda, address book, and task lists, all designed to work together. Zenbe is extensible, allowing you to add modules from third parties. See what your Facebook friends are up to at a glance, chat with your Gtalk buddies, scan your favorite RSS feeds, all without leaving your email.
  • Zenbe lets you use all of your email accounts in one place. Use Zenbe to make your Gmail, AOL, or Yahoo Mail Plus, almost any email address better. You can easily read and organize all your email in one place, accessible from any computer on the internet.


  • With ZenPages, you can easily share calendars, task lists, files, even email, with whomever you choose — whether they use Zenbe or not. ZenPages are customizable — you can add a map, a slideshow, a video, an RSS feed, nearly any kind of embeddable widget.
  • Zenbe's Files tab lets you browse your attachments independently, without having to open the email it came with. Zenbe also keeps track of the attachments you send — so you'll never have to dig through your hard drive and upload a file a second time.
  • Zenbe lets you categorize, sort, and search your email the way you want to, and easily create rules keep things organized, automatically. Whether you like your Inbox neat and tidy or aren't the organizing type, Zenbe makes finding a particular message easy.
  • Zenbe is ad-free, it won't show ads with your email.

Zenbe is currently in private beta testing will available soon for public beta.

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