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Saturday, April 05, 2008

Send Private Twitter Messages to Specific Groups of Friends Using GroupTweet

image GroupTweet is a service allows you to send messages via Twitter that are instantly pushed out privately to only group member. Generally when you published a message on twitter, it will be available to public Twitter timelines or to your followers. In some scenario where you don't want your message to be available to all other, but only specific groups, then GroupTweet is a solution.image

You just have to register your group's Twitter account. That's it! GroupTweet is constantly listening for direct texts sent to your  group's Twitter account. When a direct text is received, GroupTweet instantly publishes it as a tweet from the group account. Since all of your group members are following the group's Twitter account, they will each receive the message.

Setting up a private Twitter group is simple:

1. Create a Twitter account for you group (e.g. initechwebdevs or smithfamily) and make sure that updates are protected in the settings for this account.

2. Register your group's Twitter account at GroupTweet.com

3. Tell all group members to follow the group account you created at Twitter. (Since updates are protected, you will need to approve each follow request)

4. To send a message to all the group members, just direct text your group's Twitter account. For example: 'D initechwebdevs Just committed the latest code to the repository'

You can turn off the GroupTweet service anytime by deactivating your account.

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