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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Do More Inside Your Web Browser With Yahoo BrowserPlus™

Yahoo! BrowserPlus™ is software that lets you do more inside your web browser. BrowserPlus makes it easy to install and use web plugins for a richer experience on the internet.

As per skylarwoodward, "BrowserPlus is a software and software distribution framework that allows device developers (desktop, mobile, etc.) to seamlessly bridge the browser programming environment (DHTML, JS) to any component they can dream up (VoIP, image manipulation, data caching, etc.)."

"The 1.0 release of BrowserPlus is intended only for use by Yahoo! sites to enhance customer experiences; however, in the coming months, developers might expect the ability to use components on their own sites."

"BrowserPlus is making use of Ruby through an runtime engine component that allows for other components to be written in Ruby rather than compiled OS-native languages. That is, load the Ruby Engine component into BrowserPlus, then write your own component in Ruby that leverages any gem on the planet to offer up new functionality to your applications in the browser."

As of now, there is no more information available from Yahoo! about the software.

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