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Friday, April 11, 2008

Send SMS to Any Mobile Phone From MS Outlook 2007

MS Outlook 2007 has a built-in feature which allows users to send SMS messages from their Outlook application. SMSOfficer service provides the connection.

SMSOfficer for Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 is a service that enables you to send and receive text messages from Office Outlook 2007 as well as receive SMS text message notifications of appointments, contacts and tasks on any SMS text messaging capable mobile phone. Using this new technology, you have the ability to get the time-critical information you require when you need it, using software you know and the phone you already own.


SMSOfficer service is based on the new OMS interface (Outlook Mobile Service) provided by Microsoft. SMSOfficer leverages the internet connectivity to send SMS messages via the SMSOfficer server. SMSOfficer is compatible only with Microsoft Outlook 2007 and leverages the built-in OMS feature.

You don't have to download or install any application for this. All you need is to sign up on SMSOfficer and your SMS feature will be enabled on your Outlook 2007. SMSOfficer service communicates with the mobile operator’s SMSC and delivers the SMS message to its destination mobile phone. The recipients will reply to the sender’s regular mobile phone number.

Configuring Outlook 2007 to work with SMSOfficer service

At the end of the Sign Up process, you will be asked to click on a configuration link which sets the entire configuration for you. All you need to do is to enter your password in order to complete the procedure. Here is the configuration screen where you should enter your SMSOfficer account password:

* If you already have an SMSOfficer account and just need to configure your Outlook 2007, you should Sign In and click on “Configure Outlook 2007” link.

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