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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Guitarati Offers Legal Downloads Of DRM Free MP3 Music

image Guitarati is the latest, hot off the oven music store offering legal downloads of DRM free MP3 music. The site brings a innovative way to discover the music based on your mood and associated color.

"The color-music relationship is a concept that has been around for centuries. There is a color for every mood, every state of mind you are in. And so is music! Every musical note evokes a color at some level and vice versa. It is just that we never explore (at least not all of us) to visualize colors for every sound heard. There are people who can actually visualize a color for every note and they are called Synesthetics. Scriabin, the late Russian composer is a famous example of being one."

At Guitarati, every song is represented by a dominant color. The color of the song is what the majority feels it is. When you want to get to a perfect song, you just have to reach out to your emotions and feelings and find a color. Poof, you will be directed to the right music that resonates with your feelings! And while you are at it, go ahead and add your color to the music too.


At Guitarati, you get much better value for the money you spend on music. You can:

  • With unconventional way of music discovery, easily find the music that you want to get you in the mood. Its fun and simple. Explore yourselves!
  • For say every $10 spent, you get to listen to as many as 1000 songs! And these are not samples, these are full length best quality (at least 192Kbps bitrate) songs. That is 1 cent per song. You can always listen to as many samples (heck, even they are 192Kbps or more) as you want for free anyways! So you have a wide range of songs to check out before downloading.
  • Moreover, the download price is reduced for the songs that you have already listened to.

"Our misson is to creat a hangout for musicians and their audience alike and provide them what they need to sell or buy their music. We want to provide more of audience to the artists and more of artists to the audience - in a rich, colorful and fun way. You should find the music that you enjoy - quickly. Listen to the music using the 'new' way a few times and you will have discovered a voice of your own that you never heard before!"

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