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Thursday, March 20, 2008

JAJAH Launches Global Community Sponsorship Program for Nonprofit Organizations

Are you a nonprofit? JAJAH Global Community Sponsorships Program provide organizations like yours with free JAJAH business accounts, free international calling, and free targeted Public Service Announcements via JAJAH's in-call advertising system.

Starting today, JAJAH has extended invitation to nonprofits and social enterprises to apply to this program. Selected organizations will receive free JAJAH calling as well as free Public Service Announcements via our in-call advertising system.


Selections for this program will be made on an ongoing review basis by an independent audit team, and the exact amount and duration of the award will be determined on a per-applicant basis.

These Global Community Sponsorships reflect JAJAH's deep commitment to empowering all people and all organizations with simpler and more affordable global communications. If you're a nonprofit with international calling needs, you shouldn't have to worry about high phone rates, prohibitive yearly contracts, etc. You should only be worried about driving forward your mission and programs.

Refer this page to apply and to know terms and conditions of the program.

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