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Thursday, March 20, 2008

AT&T Launched Buzz.com : Today's Top Blogs All In One Place

Buzz.com is a new destination that captures the most compelling news of the day and searches through the blogosphere to identify some of the most relevant, emotional and entertaining commentary on each of these topics.

Buzz.com refreshes the content 3-4 times a day, making buzz.com a regular destination for anyone looking to keep tabs on what's going on in the world. Your news comes to life, without a need for special download applications.


It checks for the most engaging blogs on some of the hottest topics that people are buzzing about. You can use the Hot Topics to find the "buzz of the day". Or choose one of the other categories from the tabs across the top. It provides a news summary of each topic that it finds. And then you can explore buzz.com’s selected blogger opinions on that topic under “Blogs that Make a Point” , or more personal thoughts under “Blogs that Make you Feel.”

To make your experience even more entertaining, buzz.com brings the summary story to life through advanced 3-D imaging and speech synthesis via animated “buzzcasts”. Simply click on the buzz icon to hear a story performed by one of the buzzcasters.

Except the innovative concept of buzzcasts, the service looks similar to Yahoo! Buzz or Newspond.

Buzz.com is developed in collaboration between AT&T and an elite team of researchers at Northwestern University's InfoLab.

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