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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Twitter Applications (Part – 14)

More twitter applications…

105. TweetMeme : TweetMeme is a service created by the team who  developed fav.or.it. It watches what is going on within twitter and picks up anyone posting links to content. It then track how many other mentions of the same content are made (and how influential they are.) and present them in a simple format. It also categorizes the content into blogs / video / images / audio.

106. TwitterFone : TwitterFone is free service that lets you update image your Twitter feed using your voice from any mobile or cell phone. You call it, speak your tweet, and hang up. A short while later, your tweet will be posted on Twitter. Magic! TwitterFone is great for when you're on the go - in the car, on a train, or running between meetings - and don't have WiFi or time to log on to the internet.

107. TwitterSnooze : TwitterSnooze is a useful service when someone you follow is tweeting too much and you want to put them on snooze. This a great service to avoid a blast of tweets from the friends or groups. It's a good way to ignore someone that just flooded your timeline for no good reason... but it was just a one-time offense and doesn't merit permanent unfollowing.

108. My Tweeple : My Tweeple helps you to manager your twitter image followings and followers in one place. You can easily see who follows you and whom you are following. With a simple click, you can follow, unfollow and block people. These changes will be updated to your twitter account instantaneously.

109. TwitterPark : TwitterPark is a simple online news aggregator image (like SmashingFeeds) which specifically tracks news related to twitter. This site aggregates Twitter related Feeds and other info from the web with help of LastRSS. This is useful to get everything about twitter at one place. No need to go anywhere and more over you don’t need any login id.

110. My Tweet Map : My Tweet Map is a nice google maps mashup showing you where your friends are Tweeting from. Once you log-in with your twitter id and  password, all the "tweets" by the people you follow will pop up on a Google Map, showing where they are located.

111. Twadl : Twadl.com is a tool to let you post status updates on image Twitter. Along with status updates, it provides many useful features like:

Create short links on the fly - just type a long URL, and it will be replaced with a shorter one, saving you valuable characters

Live Tweet Preview lets you see what your Tweet will look like - short links and all - before you hit Update

Track links - see how many people clicked on the link you posted. Great for learning how to write compelling headlines.

Attach file to your Tweets. Right now you can attach images - but MP3s and more are coming!

Super Secret SEO Feature - upgrade your account with an Invite Code, and add extra features to Twadl. You won't be dissapointed.

112. TwitHire : TwitHire is a free job board service for Twitter. Service is developed with the intension to help employers promote job opportunities and reach out to candidates by simply tweeting. In order to post a job tweet, provide your twitter id, select job category and generate Tweet Key. Once you get the Tweet Key, Login to Twitter account with your id and send a reply to @TwitHire in the following format:

@TwitHire [Job Title] at [Company] - [Location] [Job URL] -[Tweet Key]

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