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Saturday, July 26, 2008

FREE Service to Send Message To Twitter Using Voice

TwitterFone Twitter is becoming more and more popular day by day.  Recently they acquired summize to add search filter functionality. More and more twitter applications are coming on the way. TwitterFone is such a new FREE service that lets you update your Twitter feed using your voice from any mobile or cell phone. You call it, speak your tweet, and hang up. A short while later, your tweet will be posted on Twitter.

TwitterFone is great for when you're on the go - in the car, on a train, or running between meetings - and don't have WiFi or time to log on to the internet.

TwitterFone transcribes what you've said from voice to text, and posts it to your Twitter feed for you.

The service is free and just uses regular minutes from your regular phone plan. There are TwitterFone numbers in many countries, so you should always have a TwitterFone number near you.

When TwitterFone answers, just speak your tweet, and then hangup. TwitterFone will then transcibe your tweet and post it to Twitter. A short time after you call - typically 5-10 minutes - it'll be there.

Please note that TwitterFone only works with Twitter -- it is NOT a general all-purpose "voice lifestreaming" service. It also currently doesn't do fancy Twitter features like @username and d username.

Visit TwitterFone for more details.

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