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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Orkut Now Suggests Friends

Orkut already has a search feature which one can use to find friends. However when you start searching for someone, you might get lots of profile having the same name and finally you will end up with going through each of them. Up until now, there hasn't been an easy way to find your friends that you wouldn't think to search for.

In order to help users, orkut added a new suggestion feature which offers suggestions of people you might want to be friends with on your orkut home page. With the new orkut friend suggestions feature, it automatically creates a list of people on orkut who you might know, and display it right below your birthday reminders.

Not only does the friend suggestions feature make it easy to find new friends, it also lets you add them to your friends list and send them a short message without ever leaving your home page. Just click the "add as friend" link below your friend's photo, customize the message you want to send (or use the predefined message we've created for you), and click "send invite."

Originally this feature was developed to help people who were new to orkut to quickly and easily find all of their friends who had already joined. Now this feature is made available to all users.

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Joanna said...

Its great to know about this search feature.Sometimes it becomes very time consuming to find out our dear ones and this searching process become very time consuming but now with this advance feature it becomes very easy to find out anyone we want within very less time as compare to prior.