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Friday, September 04, 2009

bit.ly Goes Even More Shorter with j.mp

j.mp Today bit.ly, a url shortening service used by popular micro-blogging service called twitter, has announced that they are now offering even more shorter urls using j.mp domain. When it comes to the url shortening service, each character counts.

bit.ly domain is almost as short as it gets, however to provide even more shorter url, bit.ly announced j.mp, powered by the bit.ly platform. j.mp has the same short URLs, metrics, history, user accounts (you’ll have to login again, but your bit.ly accounts will carry over), and customization you’ve come to enjoy on bit.ly, all on a short, memorable domain.  In fact, any bit.ly URL also works as a j.mp URL.

All bit.ly users can continue to use bit.ly, as it’s not going anywhere.  But if you desperately need those two additional free characters in order to make your point, feel free to use j.mp instead.

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