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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Yahoo! Image Search Launched “Creative Commons License Filter”

It is always tricky to search for the great images on the net. If you are planning to use the picture to pop into a presentation or illustrate a Web page, you need to know if you’re allowed to use that photo, and how you can use it. Before using the image, you must have to make sure you are fulfilling the licensing condition for use.

Today, Yahoo! Image Search is launching a Creative Commons license filter that allows you to simply and quickly find images that are available for reuse.

When you use Yahoo! Image Search, you’ll now see a checkbox for Creative Commons allowing you to filter for images from Flickr that can be used commercially or that can be modified (remixed, tweaked, or built upon) with restrictions set by the image’s creator.

Yahoo! Image Search Creative Commons Filter

By launching the Creative Commons license search with Flickr and making it available to all Yahoo! Image Search users, Yahoo! aims to promote reusable work and to be transparent about the guidelines issued by the creator of a particular image. Yahoo! is the first image search engine to offer this capability.

There is a great competition to maximize the use of image search. Google recently introduced Similar Search feature which allows you to search for images using pictures rather than words.

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