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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Now Twitter Looks Serious About Their Business Model

It has been a long time since people were discussing and suggesting business model for twitter. Twitter has a huge traffic since it launched and traffic is increasing day by day. One can find the compete analysis here. It’s a big challenge to monetize this traffic. There are many blogs discussing here, here and here about the ways to monetize it. However twitter hasn’t come up with any strong business model yet.

Now it seems twitter is serious about their business. As per their recent blog postTwitter receives a crushing amount of partnership opportunities on a regular basis—it's a good problem to have yet until now there has been nobody on staff dedicated solely to business development.

Late last month, twitter hired Kevin Thau as Director of Mobile Business Development. Kevin will be responsible for assessing all opportunities, picking up ongoing threads, and also actively working on mobile business strategy for twitter.

Before joining twitter, Kevin worked for Buzzwire and was at Openwave introducing the world to the mobile web at the very beginning. At Openwave, Kevin worked with carriers, device manufacturers, and content providers to develop an ecosystem integral to today's global wireless data business.

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