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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Google Toolbar 5 Now Available in Firefox

A few months ago Google launched several new features for Google Toolbar in Internet Explorer. Yesterday Google released latest version 5 of Google Toolbar for Firefox.

You can now download this latest version of Google Toolbar for Firefox, available in 29 languages. This new version includes all the Toolbar features you know and love, such as Search, Bookmarks and Translate. When you install it, you can try out some of our newest features.

You can create several profiles with personal or business information including different addresses, email addresses and credit card details. So anytime you want to fill an online form, just click on Autofill and the right information will appear in the form automatically. All your information is safely stored only in your own computer, with your credit card numbers encrypted and protected by a password.

With support for live feeds and custom site search, Google Toolbar custom buttons are more than just bookmarks. Now custom buttons can even support Google Gadgets - when you click on the icon, the gadget will pop down from the Toolbar, no matter what site you are on and close when you are done with it. You can add some of your favorite Google Gadgets to your Toolbar

If you're interested in learning more about Google Toolbar, visit http://tools.google.com/firefox/toolbar/FT5 or check out below video:

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