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Friday, June 20, 2008

Meebo Redesigned the Skins

image Meebo has recently updated the skins with a more modern look and slick design that hopefully will make the whole Meebo experience more enjoyable for years to come.


Along with this new design, there are few improvements as below:

  • The background has been darkened to improve console and link readability.
  • The new chrome uses fewer colors for faster loading (a section of the title-bar has 4 colors only).
  • The new minimize, maximize, and close buttons are more streamlined so they don’t have too much that “click-me-now” feeling.
  • The background, buttons and chrome colors all come from the same family of blues.
  • Icons have been reworked to use a consistent palette, so that no icon is more prominent than others.
  • Buttons have been updated to match the buttons introduced in the website redesign of a couple months ago.
  • Last but not least, new color schemes have been added: aqua, brown, carbon, red.

If you are feeling nostalgic you can still select the classic Default and Onyx skins from the new Appearance pane in the Preferences panel. They are the last two after all the flat color variation, as shown below:

Classic and Onyx skins still available.

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