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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Flickr Integration With Adobe Photoshop® Express

image Adobe Photoshop® Express has recently added some new cool features.

Flickr integration

Adobe Photoshop® Express officially hooked up with Flickr. This means now you can pull photos from Flickr into Photoshop Express, amp them up, then upload them back into Flickr to show them off to your vast and adoring fan base.

Embeddable player

Take your photo slideshows to the wider webified world with the embeddable player, which lets you post your slideshows to Facebook, MySpace, and other sites where your audience awaits.

Save as

Go version crazy with the new Save As feature. With Save As, you can keep the original shot of your best friend alongside all the ones where you gave him a tragically oversized head. (Your work is genius—why not save it all for posterity?)

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