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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

MyBlogLog Introduced "New with My World"

image MyBlogLog announced a new view on events in the form of New with My World.

New with My World is an aggregation of updates from across the MyBlogLog community of things that match tags in your profile. Specifically, tags that you have added to yourself. Adding tags to your own profile is one way to indicate your interests so it makes sense to pull together data around these tags as another vector to slice through the updates on MyBlogLog. This is in addition to existing views of the lifestream data available from New with Me and New with My Neighborhood.

As you glance through New with My World, you'll see items come up and, where available, the tag that your profile tags will be bolded up front so you can see what is bringing you this information.

On top of each topic page, you'll see the "add to my topics" graphic up top. Adding a topic to your interests, also adds that tag to your profile. The idea is to use New with My World as a way to distill a focused view of user's interests and then hit the ol' subscribe button and let MyBlogLog do the heavy lifting for you and spoon feed you the best of the web.

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