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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Photobucket Introduced A Dedicated Media-sharing Site For Twitter Users

Photobucket  announced the launch of Twitgoo, a new media-sharing site for Twitter.  Twitgoo users can now tweet photos from a computer, a mobile device or directly from either Photobucket or Tinypic with an easy-to-use, one-click feature.  Twitgoo is already fully integrated with the top Twitter-related applications -- Picnik, Seesmic Desktop, Twitterberry, DestroyTwitter, Intercasting, Spaz and many others -- to ensure a seamless user experience and broad accessibility across Web, PC, and mobile platforms.

Twitgoo shares the same reliable service that Photobucket’s 81 million-plus monthly users worldwide have come to expect.  Photobucket has six years of experience delivering billions of images daily to consumers around the world, and Twitgoo is built on top of the same reliable infrastructure.  Twitgoo is also supported by Photobucket’s customer service team to create a safe environment for photo sharing.

"Photobucket is dedicated to providing reliable service to make photo and video sharing easy and accessible, no matter where our users are," said Michael Clark, senior vice president of technology at Photobucket.  "There is a shift in the paradigm of how people share and link their media.  Twitter is a cultural phenomena that has accelerated this shift and Photobucket is excited to introduce Twitgoo, a best-in-class service that makes sharing on Twitter simple, safe, stable, and straightforward."

The top Twitter API partners support Twitgoo at launch, ensuring that users will have easy access to media stored on Photobucket no matter where they update, follow or read their favorite tweets.  A list of integration partners can be found at http://twitgoo.com/-partners/

"Twitgoo provides users with a reliable image service that has a familiar look and feel. The team behind it is extremely responsive and considerate, determined to make the user experience as hassle-free as possible. It was my pleasure to integrate Twitgoo into DestroyTwitter, giving users a service that doesn't go down on a weekly basis. I use Twitgoo with confidence," said Jonnie Hallman, founder and developer, DestroyTwitter (http://destroytwitter.com/).

“We’re super happy to integrate Twitgoo support into Picnik. Now our users can quickly tweet their favorite Picnik’d photos. We are very selective when it comes to using APIs in Picnik, but jumped at the chance to work with Twitgoo. The API was very easy to use and the experienced Twitgoo team has done a great job of providing a stable and robust image hosting service for our users’ Twitter photos,” said Mike Harrington, COO & Co-Founder Picnik (http://www.picnik.com/).

"We chose Twitgoo as the image hosting solution for our Twitter application because it is quick, easy, reliable, and powered by the same powerful Photobucket platform that we've been working with for years,"  said Derrick Oien, President and co-founder, Intercasting Corporation.

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