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Sunday, March 01, 2009

SocialToo Is Ending DMs

There is already a lot of discussions on auto DMs on Twitter. Direct Messages (DMs) are private messages sent from one Twitter person to another. If you look into your DMs tab, you will probably find many DMs, looks like span messages which are generated automatically.

Auto DMs are nothing but direct messages that are automatically sent when someone follows an account. Some of such messages simply say “Thanks for the follow” and some may give additional link to their website.

Nobody like to receives such auto DMs as they unnecessarily fill your twitter inbox and so chances are that you may have to spend more time to get useful DMs. Jesse Stay, Founder and CEO of SocialToo takes this seriously and announced that they are ending DMs.

He mentioned some of the post where people are complaining about auto DMs:

Jesse Stay said that “Starting today, we’re taking this one step further. As of this blog post, we are completely disabling auto-DMs to our users’ followers in order to stop this practice and bring back the usefulness of direct messaging again. This is a tough move for me, as many of you are using this service, and I think many don’t really have an issue with these DMs. However, with entrepreneurship comes leadership. As CEO of SocialToo, I’m taking a stand against automated DMs, and hoping other sites that do this will do the same. With what used to be a useful tool, came too much abuse, and someone needs to put an end to it. Until we can come up with a better solution we’re going to put an end to it.”

More over he said “This is a big move for us, and my hope is that it will cascade and encourage others doing the same to also remove this option. My other hope is that Twitter will also put in limits to discourage this practice (add it to the Terms of Use?).”

Thanks to Jesse stay for his great initiative. Hope twitter also takes this seriously and find out a way to filter out auto DMs.

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vinod said...


nice informative article

i am newbie on Twitter & getting a lot of auto DMs & got sick of it

they are definetely taking a good step forward