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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Google Video For Business Adds Caption & Larger Uploads

In order to apply Google's own video technology to solving real business and education problems, Google launched Google Video for business in Google Apps. Google itself, and Google Apps customers, have been using the product for everything from executive briefings to extending training events to its remote offices to sharing wacky office moments with coworkers.

Google announced two major new features that are available right now on your domain :

  • Captions : Google video added a new captioning feature which allows you to give viewers a deeper understanding of your video. Captions can help people who would not otherwise understand the audio track to follow along, especially those who speak other languages or who are deaf or hearing impaired. You'll find details and administrative information here.
  • Larger Uploads : Users with Google Gears configured in their browser can now upload videos of up to 1 GB in size, up from the 300 MB limit previously available. This is important to businesses and schools that need to host longer form or higher quality video. If you'd like to upload videos of this size, simply get Google Gears or Google Chrome to enable larger uploads.

For the people who doesn’t know about Google Video for Business,

“Google Video for business is a video hosting and sharing solution that enables enterprises and other organizations to use video as an effective medium for internal communication and collaboration. Built on top of the same powerful infrastructure that powers YouTube, Google Video for Premier and Education Editions provides a highly scalable, reliable and secure platform for uploading and viewing videos within your domain. Visit http://video.google.com/a/your_domain.com for your domain's video homepage. Be sure to replace 'your_domain.com' with your actual domain name.”

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