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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Google Introduced AdSense For Mobile Search

Google announced a new AdSense product for both mobile network operators and mobile website owners across the globe. AdSense for mobile search is a quick and easy way for carriers and mobile publishers to embed a Google search box on their mobile portals and web sites.

Whether they are day-dreaming of Hawaii or trying to find the perfect Valentine's day gift, mobile phone users will get instant access to Google search including comprehensive web search, local, image, and news results - all formatted for their phones. Mobile operators and website owners share in the ad revenue generated by searches originating from their sites.

AdSense for mobile search is a Google-hosted solution, which means users will experience the same speed, reliability, and innovation that they've come to expect from Google. And even though the results pages are served by Google, the pages can be cobranded with publishers' logos and linked back to their sites. See the mock-up on the left.

If you're interested in beta-testing AdSense for mobile search, fill out this form. Note that filling out the form does not guarantee participation in the program.

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