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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Brand New Photobucket Application "My Photobucket" For Facebook

Photobucket announced a brand new app for Facebook that brings Photobucket goodness right into Facebook. It's pretty simple, but very powerful.

When you install the app, you get:

  • A sidebar display of your newest Photobucket photos (see right) 
  • All your newest photos displayed in a nice big window on Facebook (see pics below) - your friends can browse your photos
  • Access to all your friends' Photobucket photos (if they've also installed the app)
  • Access to all those nice little links that Photobucket is so great at - from inside Facebook
  • Easy one-click posting of your Photobucket stuff on Facebook

It's easy to install. Go here: http://apps.facebook.com/pbphotos/

NOTE! Only photos that are marked as "public" on Photobucket will be visible. If you've password protected your album, or just some sub-albums, those photos will not be visible on Facebook.

Your Photobucket photos appear right on Photobucket. You and your friends can browse them.

My Albums

If you have multiple albums on Photobucket, those appear too. (So long as they are public.)

My Friends

Your My Photobucket Friends list includes all your friends who have also installed the My Photobucket app. You can browse their Photobucket photos.

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