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Monday, January 05, 2009

Reddit.com Found A Way To Monetize It’s Traffic

Reddit.com, a social news site like finally got a way to monetize it’s large traffic. You may have noticed over the past few weeks the occasional appearance of Sponsored Links in the New Links box at the top of reddit's front page.This is nothing but a a new way of advertising on reddit.


Sponsored Links will have a blue background color and will say "Sponsored Link" in the corner to make it clear the link was not submitted from the community. Just like with regular submissions, users can vote, comment on, and hide individual sponsored links.

When the New Links feature was added, it was to ensure that all submitted links received enough attention to have a fair shot at reaching front page, and it has been working quite well for the past few months. Although reddit is going to occasionally display ads in this box, its primary purpose will remain the same, and the vast majority of page-views will be to highlight new and upcoming links.

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