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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Smashingfeeds.com Has Added Column View Option

When smashingfeeds.com was launched starting of this year, it has default three column view. Many comments/suggestions on the blogosphere say that three column view will not work any more. People are tired with that. I don’t know whether that’s the real case or not.

Anyway, we considered those suggestions and finally providing more flexibility for all readers. We added three options for display. You can choose either

  • one column view
  • two columns view or
  • three columns view

just by clicking on the options as shown in below image. You can find them on right top side just below the category menu:


One can switch among these options.

One Column View:


Two Columns View: 


Three Columns View:


Finally thanks to jQuery team for providing such a great library.

Hope you would like this feature. Please feel free to provide your feedback/suggestions.


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