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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Pageonce – A Great New Service For JAJAH Customers

Jajah PageOnce Pageonce is a Personal Internet Assistant that gives you access to all your accounts via one simple page (hence the name). It already has finance, shopping, social networks, travel and email, and now it also has JAJAH.

Simply go to Pageonce.com and add your JAJAH account details. Then, when you want to check your balance, top up your account or see your recent calls, you go back to the page and it’s all there. And while you’re at it you can also see the activity on all your other accounts – see your bank balance, update your frequent flyer miles, skim your emails, all without having to go to different sites and enter your passwords countless times – you just enter your accounts when you sign up and Pageonce securely stores your details.

“Pageonce is an innovate service that enables consumers to manage their entire Internet life from one simple and easy to use page," says Roman Scharf, co-founder of JAJAH. "We are very pleased to be able to offer the more than 10 million JAJAH users access to Pageonce’s Personal Internet Assistant for free. We believe that Pageonce is a great way for our customers to keep track of their JAJAH account on an ongoing basis and login to JAJAH at anytime directly from Pageonce, securely and password-free.”

"The JAJAH widget is a welcome addition to the constantly growing Pageonce Provider Network and we're excited to be able to offer millions of JAJAH users the Pageonce Personal Internet Assistant to help them manage and optimize their online life and their JAJAH account,” says Guy Goldestein, CEO and co-founder of Pageonce. “JAJAH is a thought leader in value added telephony solutions for consumers. We are proud to partner with JAJAH and bring additional value to their customers on a daily basis.”

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