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Thursday, July 17, 2008

NSC and AideRSS Deliver Innovative Mobile News Solution

NSC today introduced FetchIt 1.2, a free news reader and media player for Microsoft Windows Mobile Pocket PC and Smartphone devices. FetchIt is blazing fast, easy to use, and features an elegant user interface that is designed to help mobile users access and share news, podcasts and weather information.

The latest version of FetchIt includes AideRSS's PostRank™  technology, which streamlines navigation and helps users save time by finding the most interesting news stories.

"FetchIt is the most powerful, innovative and easy to use mobile news reader available," said Jeff Preston, NSC's CEO. "We are redefining the way people find and digest information on their mobile devices.”

The incredible performance of FetchIt, combined with its easy-to-read user interface and super-threaded design, lets users download RSS feeds, listen to podcasts, view weather forecasts and read news all at the same time. FetchIt includes innovative features like the Speed Reader, Real-time Search and Channel Radar that simplify navigation and help users find and read news faster with improved comprehension.

FetchIt is also the first mobile software application to include AideRSS's PostRank technology that lets users personalize and visualize their news. PostRank filters news feeds and ranks each story, helping users find the most relevant information, and dramatically reduces the bandwidth and storage requirements of the application, which can save users time and money.

"We were extremely excited to work with FetchIt and integrate PostRank with the latest release," said Ilya Grigorik, CTO of AideRSS. "Users are going to quickly realize how powerful a mobile news reader it is, and how they can enhance the experience further with PostRank".

Pricing & Availability

FetchIt 1.2 is available immediately as a free download at www.nsctech.com for all Microsoft Windows Mobile 5 & 6 Pocket PC and Smartphone devices. The software requires a minimum of 16 megabytes (MB) of RAM, 4 MB of storage space and a network connection. Existing users will receive updates seamlessly through FetchIt's Software Update feature, which automatically checks for updates.

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