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Thursday, July 31, 2008

New Home Page Design For Live Search

Live Search team announced a new home page design for the Live Search. The new design features background images that will change frequently, augmented with "hotspots." These interactive areas highlight parts of the image and help you explore search results related to the highlighted area. Users who have tested this new home page have found it both engaging and a great place to start a search.

Image of two versions of Live Search home page

New images and hotspots

In this home page release, background home page images has been added that will be changed regularly and hotspots that click through to great search results. Hotspots gleam to the user when the page first loads then fade into the image. Users can discover them again by moving their mouse over them, revealing details about the image and a link to a related search result.

To ensure that users can start a search immediately, the base page loads first with the images and hotspots loading quickly afterward. Users on a broadband connection may not notice the two steps.

This new home page is released in the U.S. only and soon will be available to other regions.

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