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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Google Is Retiring AdSense Referrals

During the last week of August, the AdSense referrals feature will be retired for both AdWords advertiser products and Google products. Now advertisers and publishers will have only two alternatives : AdSense for content and DoubleClick Performics Affiliate.

Beginning in late August, any remaining referral ads on your site will no longer work, and will appear as blank space on your website. In order to prevent a decrease in your AdSense earnings, Google recommends to replace all referral ad code on your sites with AdSense for content ad code prior to the last week of August. You can get this ad code by signing in to your AdSense account, selecting the AdSense Setup tab, and choosing AdSense for content as the product.

As part of the integration of DoubleClick, the DoubleClick Performics Affiliate Network will now operate as the Google Affiliate Network for advertisers targeting users located in the United States. Similar to the AdSense Referrals program, the Google Affiliate Network enables publishers to apply for advertiser programs and get paid based on
advertiser-defined actions instead of clicks or impressions.

Once Adsense referral is closed, no more clicks will be tracked and recorded for referrals. If a user completes the advertiser's required action within 30 days of clicking on your ad, earnings will accrue to your account through the end of September. After that time, you will no longer be able to earn money from referral ads. Your payments won't be affected; you'll continue to be paid once you've reached the payment threshold.

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