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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

WeFi Launches Twitter mash-up

image WeFi, a company created the first open global WiFi network, today announced the release of Twitter mash-up. Now WeFi members can enter their Twitter ID on their profile page, and start getting automatic updated (twitts) sent to their Twitter feeds whenever they get connected in a new location.

So if you have friends following you on twitter, they will get live updates - no need now to spend the  time (and SMS fees…) to send updates like “I just got online in McDonald’s on Mission street” - WeFi will do it for you.

“WeFi’s launch on Twitter reinforces our position as a key player in further mobilizing Wi-Fi communication,” said Zur Feldman, CEO of WeFi. “WeFi recognizes that social networking and portability are key trends that are shaping the telecommunications industry today. By offering our users up-to-the-minute communication with friends, combined with being able to seamlessly connect to the nearest open Wi-Fi hotspot, WeFi is offering its members a service that is at once innovative, practical and user-friendly.”

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