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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Learn Mobile Tricks From YouTube’s New Mobile Trick Channel

image Mobile phones become an important part of our daily routines. You can even leave without that. You can imagine difficulties you will face if you forgot your mobile at home and you left for the office.

Use of mobile phones are not limited to make or receive calls, but you can do much more with that. You can use mobile LCD light to search things when there is no power or probably you can take a snap of long shopping list via mobile phone’s camera so you don’t have to carry list along with you. People can do even much more interesting things with phones nowadays.

To explore what can you do with your phone, Google mobile team opened a brand new youtube Mobile Tricks channel. Make a video clip of your wackiest, coolest or most useful mobile trick and submit it to this channel. Google team will highlight their favorites on the channel and on their blog.

Tips can be anything like how to use your phone to get internet access on your computer or a fun trick like juggling a phone and two rubber chickens.

See some of such videos

1. A funny video uploaded by Dave Stone about "How to save America from Alien Invasion using only your mobile phone"

2. An entertainment video showing mobile trick “Will it Blend iPhone with Google Mobile“

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