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Friday, June 06, 2008

FriendFeed Now Recommends You the Best Shared Items

Have you ever came across a situation when you went on holidays and when you back, your find so many stuff in your FriendFeed account ? Generally it happens when you check your account after couple of days. It would be waste of time to go through each of those items one by one. You might be interested in finding the most interesting stuff I'd missed.

Don’t worry. Friendfeed made it easy for you so that you would never miss interesting stuff.

FriendFeed launched a feature that helps you find the best stuff your friends have shared recently without sifting through your entire feed. Underneath the search box on your FriendFeed homepage, you now have links to see the "best of" FriendFeed from the past day, week, or month according to the people you're subscribed to.


The results are entirely personalized to you. FF figures out what content was most interesting in your network based on your friends' comments and "likes" and other signals.

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