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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Instinct Vs. iPhone... Instinct defeat the iPhone

Sprint and Samsung Mobile recently announced the upcoming availability of a new wireless device, Samsung Instinct, which offers consumers an industry-leading user experience by combining full touch screen functionality with fast speeds available on the nation's largest mobile broadband network.

Below is a video recently released showing a comparison of the GPS functionality between the Instinct and Apple iPhone.

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iZenMaster said...

This June there is going to be a great fight between the Champion: Apple iPhone and the Challenger: Sprint's Instinct. I have a reason saying Apple iPhone and Sprint's Instinct even though Samsung is manufacturer for Instinct and At&T is a service provider for iPhone.

I believe this is going to be a handicapped match for Sprint, as iPhone is not just a phone. Steve Jobs and Apple is a strong brand value , backed by At&t's service, they have largest subscriber base. Also the fact that iPhone was sensational hit when it was launched.

Let the battle begin...