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Friday, May 16, 2008

Google App Engine Launcher for Mac OS X

It is still amazing to realize that Google will let external developers run web applications on Google infrastructure.Yes that's what Google App Engine is all about. Google App Engine Launcher is a project manager for Google App Engine client work. On the Mac, the Google App Engine SDK will be delivered with this launcher from now on.

The Launcher isn't intended to replace a full-blown IDE or editor. However, basic tasks are now trivial. To create "hello world", you now just type a name and click twice. And deployment of a finished application to Google is a single click away. With the Launcher, you can focus on your app instead of the tools.

The Launcher is a true native Mac application. Installing the Google App Engine SDK, embedded in the Launcher, is a drag install. App Engine projects can be added to the Launcher with drag and drop. And your deployment password is saved in a Keychain (if you want).

You can find the Launcher on the Google App Engine Downloads page.

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