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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Disqus Partnered With Seesmic For Video Commenting


Disqus made it possible to provide video comment. Now it is possible to add Seesmic video comments to any blog. Disqus launched this pretty cool feature today. Disqus partnered with Seesmic for this one. Seesmic is a new service that powers video-enabled conversations.

"Our main goal with Disqus has always been to enhance how people interact and participate on blogs. Video comments, while a relatively new concept, is something we’ve been hearing people chatter about recently. Enabling video conversation is not our focus, so we came together with our friends at Seesmic to make this happen." said Daniel from Disqus.

Scripting.com is one the site which has added this feature. You can see there the option for video comments.


Below is one of such video comment snapshot.


Below video will provide more details about this feature.

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