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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Twitter Launched Japanese Version

Twitter users are increasing day by day and becoming more and more popular micro blogging platform in many countries. To support the Japanese community, Twitter announced the Japanese version of Twitter.


Interesting thing is that even though twitter was in English till now, users from japan are contributing significant percentage. At launch, visitors to Twitter.jp will see media from two clients. One is a new book about Twitter being released in Japan, another is an automotive news service built on Twitter and sponsored by Toyota.

If you are not able to goto http://twitter.jp/, just go to twitter.com and change the language.

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Anonymous said...

Twitter has been a phenomenal success and nobody is able to point out exactly why. Of course now people are trying out different ideas using it. Seems like a case of a solution in search of a problem.

I think the real virality of Twitter arose from the 140 character limit. Most people cannot write well, and even fewer can write lengthy stuff. So it is only fitting that Twitter has been embraced by a lot of people, to what end nobody knows however. Can folks live with Twitter? Some will swear they can't but I tell you they will forget it within a day, simply because it is not a utilitarian product that reminds you most when it is absent!

All these said however, there is no question about Twitter's virality, the only question is will it last...

We live in interesting times

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