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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

hi5 Launched A New Developer Platform

image hi5, a leading international social network, announced the official launch of its robust application development platform. Now, third-party developers will be able to leverage a suite of common APIs, including those of OpenSocial, to create social applications for members of hi5, which is ranked as the #1 social network in over 20 nations. The hi5 Platform also provides ways for developers to deeply embed, spread and monetize their applications within hi5. With less than 25% active user overlap with any of the other leading social networks, hi5 presents a significant growth opportunity for developers’ applications.

“In designing our platform, we listened to what developers wanted and focused on how we could best support the success of their applications, while also delivering an engaging and optimal experience for our users,” says hi5 Founder and CEO, Ramu Yalamanchi. “In doing so, we have provided a rich set of APIs that will enable developers to rapidly create and generate revenue from interesting, fun and relevant applications for our 80 million registered members globally.”

In addition to launching its developer platform, hi5 Networks, Inc. is also joining as a founding member of the OpenSocial Foundation, a new non-profit organization jointly proposed by Yahoo!, MySpace and Google last week. The foundation is being established to ensure the neutrality and longevity of OpenSocial as an open, community-governed specification for building social applications across the Web. More information about the OpenSocial Foundation, including resources for developers, is available at http://www.opensocial.org.

"From the very beginning, hi5 has played an active role and contributed significantly to advancing the goals and technical specifications of OpenSocial," said Joe Kraus, director of product management at Google and another early contributor to the OpenSocial initiative. "I congratulate the hi5 team on the launch of its platform, and am excited that developers now have a cumulative potential audience across the OpenSocial community of hundreds of millions worldwide."

hi5 Support for Developers

In total, there are now over 7,700 commercial and independent developers from around the world who have registered to build applications for hi5’s membership. With registration, they gain access to the hi5 Developer Console, which enables them to add, edit and manage their hi5 applications right from their hi5 profile. Once an application is submitted and approved, it is integrated within hi5 in several ways, including a seamless and flexible Application Module on user profiles, as well as a dedicated Application Canvas Page that a developer can monetize through advertising. The hi5 Platform is also the first OpenSocial-enabled platform to launch with numerous user distribution channels for developers’ apps, including notifications, invites, messages, friend updates and more.

More Information

The new hi5 Platform will open the door to hundreds of new applications and widgets being rolled out to the hi5 membership in the coming days, weeks and months. Those interested in building applications for hi5 will find detailed information at http://developer.hi5.com/.

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