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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Goojet to Make Mobile Services Really Simple & Effective

image Goojet was launched to make mobile services really simple and effective, from any phone – not just high-end handsets. Goojet enables you to customize your phone by organizing YOUR “mobile space”, picking services that are really useful to you.

You can use Goojet to :

  • Unite your web and mobile lives
  • Communicate and share with your friends or professional contacts
  • Create and customize your own personal mobile space
  • Discover other mobile spaces
  • Invent and share new services

Your personal space

Goojet offers a multitude of services. It includes teleconference, picture gallery, note, message board, vote, RSS feeds, status messages and weather forecasts.

Choose your services, customize and organize them to fit your own taste and needs. Modify your space at will: enrich it, add and remove services by simple clicks.

Want to use these Goojets on your mobile? Simply drag and drop them to the phone on your Goojet portal and you'll find them immediately appearing in your phone's Goojet menu.

Use your space, your services and your contacts, from your personal web page and from your mobile phone: this is your digital life, united.

A social space

Goojet offers a totally new experience with its group services, services which are shared and interactive. Invite your contacts to Goojet, manage your groups (friends, family, colleagues, etc), and enjoy a new generation of services for communities.

Update your status message to stay connected with your community (and automatically send this status to Twitter if you want). Share your photos, comment on notes, contribute to a message board, and teleconference with your friends by simple clicks.

Goojet is also an open space: you can navigate beyond your personal space and discover other people, other spaces and other services. Goojet is a world open to navigation, discovery and encounter; at your fingertips.

A space for your creativity

Goojet offers many interesting services, but users (Goojeters) can also create their own services and they can share them with friends or with the entire Goojet community. Creating your own services is very simple, a few clicks and you've created a service tailored to your needs.

To create your own new services, pick among the available services and set your own parameters and icons. Goojets go beyond displaying data – such as RSS feeds – and enable the creation of real interactive services. You can create even richer services by grouping together several base services, using folders. They become small mobile portals, which you can then share as you want.

Goojet for a group of school friends, for a sport team, a music band, Goojets dedicated to an event, a theme, a city, Goojet gathering a group of services for an enterprise, information portal for a community, booking services for a business, personal space, polling, photos, etc.


Cédric said...

Thank you for talking about Goojet !
Do not hesitate to come back to me if you have any questions.

ajay said...

i like the name of thise service apart from the name the service is really cool and i like the u r blog and blog content.
first time i have seen anyone using green color on his blog. Looking very cool