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Monday, April 14, 2008

Get All Your FriendFeed Alerts Direct To Your Desktop Using Alert Thingy

image Alert Thingy is a new website created by Howard Baines that provides a cross platform desktop application for FriendFeed.com. This application helps to get all your FriendFeed alerts direct to your desktop. The application is based on Adobe AIR.

Once you installed the application, it will show below application icon on the icon tray.


Once you log into the application using your FF's username and password, you can see all your alerts here. It also shows you the last updated time at the bottom.

Application also supports to search for specific word. Search term will be highlighted in RED. Below is a search made for 'Alert Thingy'


You can also post a message direct from the application. Click on 'Share' option. Enter message text and link as you do in FriendFeed. More over you can add image to it. Simply drag an image from your PC.


Once you enter information, click submit button. You are done!. Sound cool.


Your message will be immediately published to FriendFeed as below.


You can also provide your comment directly from this application.


Overall this applications looks good. Very easy to use. This is the first version (v1.0), so we can expect next version with more features ;)

Final words... Don't get confused with the background image of Ferrari Aurea. There is no such option to set background image. That's my PC wallpaper ;)

About FriendFeed

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